HEC Wine Quiz
Level 2


Please note these are HATTEN EDUCATION CENTER's exam style questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams.

1. Prior To Bottling, Spirits Are Typically Reduced To
2. Which Labelling Term In In Alsace Is Used To Indicate A Wine From A Superior Vineyard Site?
3. Excessive Drinking Can Lead To : 1. Alcohol Dependence, 2. Increased Risk Taking, 3. Liver Damage
4. Full Bodiedd High In Alcohol With Aromas Of Apricot And Peach' Best Describes A Wine Made From
5. Which One Of The Following Is A Full Bodied Red Wine With High Levels Of Tannin, Acidity And Alcohol?
6. Which Grape Variety Is Used To Make Puligny Montrachet?
7. Which One Of The Following Australian Regions Produces Premium Quality Cabernet Sauvignon Wines ?
8. Garnacha Known As Grenache In Spain
9. Which One Is Premium Region Of Chardonnay
10. Pinot Gris Wine Making Style Are