HEC Wine Quiz
Level 2


Please note these are HATTEN EDUCATION CENTER's exam style questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams.

1. Which One Of The Following Wines Is Made From Syrah?
2. Which Labelling Term In In Alsace Is Used To Indicate A Wine From A Superior Vineyard Site?
3. Irish Whiskey Typically Has Flavours Of
4. Which One Of The Following Is A Premium Wines From Both Cabernet Sauvignon And Merlot?
5. Many Consider Germany To Be The Home Of Which One Of The Following Grape Varieties?
6. What Term Is Used On An Italian Wine Label To Indicate That The Grapes Were Grown In The Historic Centre Of The District?
7. Valpolicella Serving Temperature
8. Cava Serving Temperature
9. Which One Is Not Wine Region Produce Premium Shiraz In The World
10. Where Is Method Cap Classique Term Used